Bakasuran (2023) Tamil

Introduction: In this article, we will be discussing the Tamil movie “Bakasuran” that was released in 2023. This movie has gained a lot of attention in the Tamil film industry and has left the audience wanting more. We will be providing a comprehensive review of the movie, discussing the plot, the cast, and the technical aspects of the film. Our aim is to provide you with a detailed overview of the movie and to help you decide whether or not to watch it.


Plot: “Bakasuran” is a gripping thriller movie that revolves around a group of individuals who are trying to catch a serial killer. The plot of the movie is unique and keeps the audience engaged from start to finish. The movie is full of suspense, and the storyline is well written, with a perfect blend of action, emotion, and drama.

Cast: The cast of “Bakasuran” is exceptional, with some of the most talented actors in the Tamil film industry. The lead roles are played by Vijay Sethupathi and Samantha Akkineni, who deliver outstanding performances. Other actors in the movie include Fahadh Faasil, Arvind Swami, and Prakash Raj. Each actor has done justice to their respective roles, and their performances are one of the highlights of the movie.

Technical Aspects: The technical aspects of “Bakasuran” are remarkable. The cinematography is excellent, with stunning visuals that capture the essence of the movie. The editing is crisp, and the music is hauntingly beautiful. The sound design and the visual effects are top-notch and enhance the overall experience of the movie. The direction is superb, and the film is a testament to the director’s talent and creativity.

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